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Hello! My name is Janiza and welcome to my online portfolio! :)

The Talented Ja-ninja!

Janiza is a 19 year old student and dancer from New York City. A proud Filipina born and raised in Manila, the sunny capital of the Philippines. Currently living the dream of studying abroad with a Computer Science degree. An aspiring web coder/programmer concentrating with web media and digital marketing; dreaming to have an office job someday in the middle of Manhattan. A friendless international student who likes to procrastinate. A social media addict but an introvert. A retired high school theater play actress and now an NYC based freelance commercial dancer. She is currently in Frontline Entertainment Agency and also dances with The Neighbors Dance Team, Mint Dance Company and AnoNYmous Crew. Proud alumni of EPIC Motion, Outburst, RiSE Dance Company and DanSSA. Always trying her best to achieve the goal of living the best of both worlds in dance and coding.

You can visit her youtube page for all of her dancing videos here.

Tech Skills

Web Design & Development HTML5 & CSS3 JavaScript / JQuery Programming
Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash Animation iMovie Editing
Java Programming (JDEclipse) Visual BASIC Programming SQL Programming
UNIX / Linux Operating System Mac OS X Database Management


Design and Dance

A compilation of my graphic, layout and web designs together with my dance videos!
Go ahead and click them! :) [ click the NEXT button to view the set of pictures! ]

Visit Her Elsewhere

Here are some of my old/new accounts around the cyberspace, feel free to visit them! If you wish to send an inquiry or a message, please send it through this form. I'm open for collaborations and freelance projects. Thank you :)

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